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Late post: Kil'jaeden (Normal) is down!

Sheikm - 32 days ago

Turns out you CAN kill an Eredar Lord if you try hard enough.We'll be continuing to run normal Tomb to gear up, and occasionally throwing ourselves into Heroic when we're feeling daring!

Looking for a Tank and Healer for raids

mrtyldmr - 101 days ago

As we are approaching Tomb of Sargeras launch we are looking for a new Tank and a healer for our raid group.

We raid crossrealm with our friends from Champions of the Sunwell on Magtheridon(EU) Horde and we are lacking a new dedicated tank and possibly a 4th healer/dps that can switch depending on the member count of the raid. 

If you are willing to join us. Let us know!

Guild Website

mrtyldmr - 101 days ago

Yes! We have one.

I mean you already know this,

as you are reading this text but eh!.

Its something right!????!?!!!?


Also did someone say? Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker??

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