No Raids till New years!

mrtyldmr - 128 days ago

Hey friends, As you can read from the title we are not going to be raiding until new years. We are no longer raiding with our former partner guild and in progress of establishing our own raid group. To that end we are ramping up our recruitment process and hoping to get back into the swing of this by new years.


On this topic anyone that have people they think they might be interested. please let them know and they are welcome amongst us.  


From the GoTF Management to you all, Marry Christmas and Happy New Years!

Antorus, The Burning Throne (N) Cleared!

mrtyldmr - 137 days ago

Congratulations to our raid team for a successful clear of the raid. Here is to many more! 

Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden!

Sheikm - 159 days ago

look at that majestic bear

Look at us, being all fancy.

Timewalking Illidan is Down!

Sheikm - 188 days ago